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\--About You
[Name] Kori
[Age] 14
Archbald Pa
Softball, Basketball, Movie freak, Bowling, Skate boarding, and snowboarding
[Zodiac Sign]
[Do you work? If so, where?]
Yes, Dukes Sports Bar and Resturant


[Favorite Movie] Thirteen
[Favorite Band/Singer] Fall Out Boy 

[Favorite TV Show] Boy Meets World
[Favorite Color] Black
[Favorite Actor] Tom Cruise
[Favorite Actress] Ashley Olsen
[Favorite "Mean Girls" Character] Gretchin Wieners
[Favorite "Mean Girls" Quote] "Is your muffin buttered?"

[Ugliest Color] Silver
[Least Favorite Food] Spinich
[Most Hated Actress] Britney Murphy
[Most Hated Actor] Leo DeCaprio
[Least Favorite Movie] Saved
[One of Your Pet Peeves] Running noses and not wiping them

[Favorite clothing brand] Bublegum
[Favorite article of clothing in general] Hats
[What kind of jewelry do you usually wear?] Bracelets
[What is the WORST thing someone could wear?] A million and two rings
[Post a picture of you in your best "plastics" outfit or describe it to us] my black skirt with my pink beater hair down kori necklace high heel black and pick shoes

[What's the meanest thing you've ever done?] make out with some ones boyfriend - regret it!
[What's the biggest lie you've ever told?] that i met the backstreet boys
[What's the meanest insult you've been given?] i got called "green teeth buck tooth bitch"
[What's the meanest insult you've given?] i called one kid cheeseburger face cause he has cheese colored hair and a long face

--Complete the Sentence
[If I was stranded on an island, the one thing I would want to have with me would be...] my freinds
[Nothing is worse than...] a broken heart
[No matter what, the one thing that can always make me happy is/are...] my daddy!
[If I was reincarnated, I would want to be...] a butterfly.. they are soo beautiful!

--Convince Us
[Why should we accept you?] i think i should get accepted because i think i am a very good all around person
[Promote to two other users/communities and give us the links]



[How'd you hear about us?] another community
[Post at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself. One must be a body shot and a 133x100 one]

i dont have a full body picture ye but i promise by the end of this weekend i will


okk well there is two and on sunday i will put a full body pic!

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